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Winmax Absolute 80% Tungsten24G (WMG08573)

Winmax Absolute 80% Tungsten24G (WMG08573)

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Summary: Why you should select a set of Tony David World master darts?
Designed for committed professional.
Tungsten guarantees enjoyment in your professional equipment for as long as possible.
At the top of the series and slender darts, you have the best experience when you hold the darts.
Extra 3 shafts and 12 dart flights as spare part
100% assured results.
Darts specification:
Material: tungsten.
Weight: 22-24g.
Darts shaft specification:
Material: aluminium.
2BA connection.
Content includes:
Darts, x3 pieces.
Aluminium shafts, x3 pieces.
Nylon shafts, x3 pieces.
Dart flights, x15 pieces.
Slim black dart pocket, x1 piece.
Winmax Absolute 80% Tungsten Barrels
Quality flights&nylon shafts
black slim case
extra 3 nylon shafts for space
colour box packing

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